Amazon Marketing

What Are Amazon Marketing Services?


Amazon is one of the powerful advertising platforms with more than 300 million active users looking to buy products daily. Undoubtedly, it is the third-largest search engine in the world. Amazon Marketing Services, the service provides advertising solutions for sponsored products, sponsored brands, stores, display ads, & video ads, etc.

Launched in 2012, AMS, not only reaches a large number of people but also makes sure that relevant products are showcased to the customer, making it easier & increasing the probability of a business expanding its customer base. Even, you’ll be surprised to know that U.S. retail eCommerce has market dominance over Amazon. So, if you want to be on the top list of the Amazon product list then how’s that possible? How do you distinguish your product or service? How do you not get lost in the crowded Amazon marketplace?

The answer is here – Amazon Advertising Management Services from Start Digitally. Our professional & experienced team of Amazon experts is ready 24*7 to offer you custom strategies to maximize your budget, return on investment, & stand your product out from the crowd on Amazon.

Why is Amazon Advertising Management Important?

40.4% of all eCommerce sales in the United States are now generated on Amazon’s platform. You’ll experience that when a person browse the web for a specific product, Amazon advertising campaign focuses on the keyword & display relevant products. Advertising on Amazon is beneficial in all aspects & here are several reasons:


Brands Have Found Success on Amazon

Amazon’s traffic easily trumps that of any other retailer & it is important to have a presence where your customer is. For 85% of brands selling on Amazon, the main reason for selling on the platform is customer acquisition, with 72% wanting to “serve my customers where they are.” All this contributes in brand’s success quickly. So, Amazon is the best platform for quick brand success & recognition.


Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Advertising on Amazon increase product revenue or ROI as customers are shown relevant products in Amazon ads, the probability of customers to check the product description & buy it is high. Even large & well-established retailers who generate significant traffic can benefit from selling on Amazon. Amazon’s traffic easily trumps that of any other retailer & it is important to have a presence of where your customer is.

Amazon Marketing Services


Amazon SEO

As a full-service amazon SEO team, we get your eCommerce business up and running quickly on Amazon. We guide you step by step, from Amazon seller setup to raising your ranking and increasing your conversions. Along the way, we take care of every detail: Amazon account audit, competitor analysis, keyword research and optimized descriptions that are clear and concise.


Amazon Advertising/PPC

Amazon isn’t a secret. Instead, it’s a flooded marketplace for sellers. That means you often have to pay to play. Top sellers utilize PPC campaigns and strategies to distinguish themselves. Our Amazon advertising agency experts put you in the game by providing sponsored products management, sponsored brands management, product display ads, video ads,


Amazon Storefront & Branding

In 2018, Amazon introduced a way for small & medium-sized businesses to flourish on the world’s largest eCommerce search engine. Amazon Storefront is an optional, separate section for sellers to highlight their small businesses. Our professional Amazon experts will create a custom design that work best with the quantity of your product offering to help maximize your Amazon SEO store & decide the best way to highlight & display your products.


Amazon Reporting & Analytics

The best part of using Start Digitally’s Amazon Marketing Services is that we keep every client updated on their business & our contribution through data analytics. For this, we provide clients with monthly Amazon advertising reports that show spending, return on ad spend (ROAS), advertising cost of sales (ACOS) & complete pay-per-click (PPC) data & business reports that details items per sale, etc.

Are You Ready to become Amazon’s Best Seller?

Excited? Start Digitally, one of the leading amazon market companies, is ready to grow your sales. We drive results that align with your goals, optimize your traffic, help generate more sales & get the right insights, etc. Our customized marketing services can take clients from non-existence on Amazon to competitive & feared & possibly on the Amazon bestseller list – within their first 30 days. Our efforts will be to increase your profit margins is to have featured on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank List

There is no denying that anyone who earns Amazon BSR status is likely to benefit greatly from the exposure. Our Amazon marketing experts develop a custom strategy for your business that boots your Amazon SEO store & gives you a better chance to beat your competition & reach the top.


4P's of Amazon Marketing



Product means what you sell that could be a physical good, services, & consulting, etc. They can be physical or virtual as physical products include durable goods such as cars, furniture, & computers & nondurable goods such as food & beverages. Talking about virtual products then they’re services or experiences such as education, software, & other digital products.



How much do you charge, how does that impact & how your customers view your brand? The objectives of price are survival, expansion of current profits, ruling the market, & capturing the marketing for an innovative idea, etc.



Place means where you do promote your products or service. Or where do your ideal customers go to find information about your industry? Some examples of places consumers can buy products or services include online via a web browser, through a smartphone app, & retail locations.



How do your customers find out about you? What strategies do you use, & are they effective? In other words, promotion refers to specific & thoughtful advertising that reaches a company’s target market. For this, a company might use an Instagram campaign, a PR campaign that showcases your product.

How Start Digitally Boost Sales & Visibility with
Amazon Marketing Services?

Since 2015, we have served 1000+ clients with satisfactory services whether it is web designing, development, digital & or Amazon PPC management and marketing. Our unique formulated strategy on Amazon will enlarge your business revenue, and escalate conversions, targeted traffic & ROI. We can hit your ambitious eCommerce growth targets & maximize your Amazon success with advertising campaigns.

Our Approach for AMS

  • Drive traffic & sales growth
  • Build awareness & win market share
  • Sponsored products
  • Sponsored brands
  • Gain additional visibility
  • Discover insight into search behavior
  • Amazon brand stores

As a full-service Amazon PPC agency, we get your eCommerce business up & running quickly on Amazon. We guide you step-by-step from Amazon account audit to ranking & raising your conversions.


We have a dynamic team of 100+ experts to take you to sky heights. We are a holistic digital marketing agency, that focuses on best practices, understanding your end customer & return on investment.


We will tailor your strategy to stay on top. Our skilled team of experts ensures that your campaigns are given the fair advantages of the latest e-commerce strategies.


Our goal is to help you succeed by focusing on driving sales, increasing brand awareness, & in the end, increasing your ROI.


With your products on the forefront, we strategize & optimize your product listing, allowing your product to shine & sell for itself.


Our experts have 1-on-1 strategic discussions with you. We know how important it is to create customized & performance-based blueprints.

FAQ on Amazon Marketing

Amazon SEO vs. Traditional SEO

Amazon SEO: Uses short-tail keywords and focuses on sales, conversions, and CTR, and doesn't employ backlinks.

Traditional SEO: Uses long-tail keywords, focuses on traffic and CTR, and includes quality backlinks.

Yes, indeed. Amazon ads can be seen on sponsored product detail pages and shopping results pages. They also feature music and video. Sponsored brands and sponsored displays are other options after sponsored products. However, to run Amazon ads, you need to give PPC.

You can set your budget for Amazon ads in the following proportion: Sponsored products (70%), Sponsored Brands (25%), and Sponsored Displays (5%).However if you need further assistance, you can contact our responsive support team at Start Digitally.

Start Digitally guarantee high web traffic and thus higher Google rankings for your business or products with our professional & effective SEO strategies.

Ask for Google Reviews, add a review link to your website, respond to your Google reviews, invest in review generation tools, and keep your business profile up-to-date. Above all, Amazon is the best site for review generation followed by Google’s Business profile. You can also contact Start Digitally expert team to get relevant reviews for your product/brand.

Effective advertising is necessary to present a product/brand before the target audience. It is vital to increase sales and demand, compete with the competitors, promote product benefits, and increase customer reach and brand awareness.. To learn more, you can visit our website Start Digitally.