Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing ?


According to Forbes magazine, 88% of B2B businesses use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy.

As potential customers enters the sales funnel, content has become one of the main ways businesses interact with them. So, content marketing shares informative content that is relevant, interesting, & useful to your target audience. It is not only used to attract interested people towards your brand’s proposals, but it is also the way to transmit your business’s identity & values while enabling you to secure a spot in these people’s daily lives through the use of social networks.

Talking about its type then they’re blogs, social media posts, email newsletters, photos on Instagram, podcasts, videos on social media, micro videos, e-books, & webinars, etc.

Here are the benefits of content marketing.

  • Reach your target audience
  • Transmit your brand’s values.
  • Attract & retain your brand’s values.
  • Favor your appearance in the first few results of Google searches.


The Benefits of Content Marketing


Why Content Marketing Needs
To Be A Priority For Your Business?

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Content marketing has emerged as the new normal in the digital marketing landscape. It is one of the strongest digital marketing solutions being embraced by businesses to earn traffic, connect to its audience and generate ROI. Why so? Well, no one basically likes being sold a product or service in the old pushy way.

Pull marketing is the way to go, the more natural way of marketing. And that lies at the heart of content marketing for businesses. It answers why content marketing for small businesses is important. That is because content pulls the customer to a product/service by consistently answering the customer’s pain points and educating him/her, then earning the customer’s trust and loyalty.

Software companies have become tech teachers with how-to videos and eBooks. Even the financial industry has come up with apps, online knowledge centers, and other tools to help both individuals and business customers better meet their financial goals and to do it with a level of transparency and convenience that was unheard of 15 years ago.

Great content, especially the dynamic, well thought out strategies, are showing consumers they deserve more.

01. Earns the trust of your target audience and eventually buyer.

02. Improves the quality of leads and the rates of conversion

03. Content marketing is cheaper than paid advertising and gives better ROI in the long run

04. Content marketing helps you get better traction through other owned and paid media channels.


What are Content Marketing Strategies?


Document your goals.


Research audience needs


Measure your content marketing.


Identify your top 5 audiences


Create more content with less


Create a content calendar


Public & manage your content

Why Content Marketing is Crucial for Your Business?



of brands that were successful with content in 2021 have a documented content marketing strategy.



of them spent 10% to 70% of their total marketing budget on content marketing.



of companies that spent less than 5% of their marketing budget on content didn’t succeed with content marketing.



of marketers distribute content via social media.



of internet user’s online time is spent on content.



of people appreciate learning about a business through custom content.

So, Why Choose Start Digitally Pvt. LTD. For Content Marketing?


We are full-service web development, designing, digital marketing, & content marketing company that fuels your brand & drives results. Our team of 100+ marketers, content marketing consultants, creative writers, animators, videographers, graphic designers, & data-driven strategists work with clients across subject matter specialists. We aim to design & execute agile content marketing campaigns that will attract your audience & push leads through the sales funnel for your business.

Moreover, we use tools like HTML, CSS, & JavaScript to create content that is user-friendly & visually appealing. Our writers have exceptional grammar & vocabulary skills that help in conveying the ideas & thoughts of our clients to their respective customers. We assist in producing high-quality & reliable calls-to-action (CTAS) that draw the attention of potential customers & maximize website traffic.

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Growth of Digital Marketing has provided marketers with so many and quite effective channels to expand their Content Marketing strategy beyond imagination. When the core functions like publishing, sharing and distributing (let’s count curating content too in this list!) content became so vast and easy to access, it’s quite natural that Content Marketing got a life-form of its own.