SEO Strategy in 2023

How AI Can Boost Your SEO Strategy In 2023?

The past year has seen a lot of discussion around AI. It has become difficult to ignore AI, from Google’s machine learning algorithms to Facebook’s trending news feed algorithm, particularly given projections that in 2023 there would be a substantial change in how search engines rank websites. So what do you think? Can you benefit from using AI in your SEO strategy in real? And can you incorporate it into your business strategy? In this blog post, we have fully answered your questions about AI SEO. So without further ado, let’s get started.

An overview of AI 

To start, you must first understand what AI genuinely means. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a branch of technology that uses machines to help human decision-making and problem-solving. From where did everything begin? Computers were the first to make use of AI for the development of machine learning. What is this machine learning now? It describes how an algorithm can complete a task without explicit coding.

And what can AI do well, you can ask? It can help you with various tasks, including natural language processing, audio and image recognition, machine translation, etc.

Why is it crucial to understand AI while optimizing search engines? 

You may have learned a little about AI, but you may be wondering why it is crucial to understand AI for SEO. If we talk about AI, it is just machine learning, which is very important for how websites rank on SERPs. Because of this, you must understand AI when performing search engine optimization.

You will also need to work with AI to satisfy the needs of the search engines, given how they are getting better at detecting quality content and recognizing keyword stuffing and irrelevant backlinks.

Is AI useful for SEO? 

Does that mean that AI can help with SEO in real? You may be unaware of this, but SEO also requires much effort. So achieving results fast can be challenging. But, thanks to AI, it has changed this for the better. Tools driven by AI will now handle any SEO work that you need to do. How? It gathers, analyses, and then transforms the data into actionable steps to save time and determine what to do next.

Why put yourself through the stress of optimizing content, running website audits, and addressing content plagiarism when AI can handle it all for you? AI can indeed help you with this.

Plus, in the case of ON-page SEO, if you are concerned about how your business will grow with content development, let AI assist you. Sure, it can assist you in developing content strategy and briefs for optimal material in addition to helping you analyze the best-performing content. As a result, you can scale your SEO efforts without working too hard.

You might know what AI is, its importance, and how it is helpful for SEO. Yet, a few things remain. So let’s proceed and discuss them now.

How can AI help in the content ranking? 

SEO is nothing without quality content. The same applies to content. The use of keyword stuffing is possible. However, that is no longer effective. As a result of it, you can spoil your website’s rankings. Instead, you can encourage other websites to link to specific pages on your website, also known as link building.


  • You can request that they include links to yours in their blogs, e-books, manuals, case studies, and other content.
  • By going to other websites and placing links there.
  • Generating links by producing engaging and high-quality content that others want to connect to gain links.

After learning AI, its significance, and how it may assist you with SEO and content ranking, it’s time to explore-

How can the UX of your website be improved with AI?  

Do you run a company? Do you want to discover if you can use AI to make your company website better as part of your business strategy? It is beneficial. So go ahead and do it. As follows:

  • The most crucial part of SEO is finding untapped prospects for ranking from which people have yet to benefit. And now, AI is demonstrating its effectiveness in enhancing it by providing more detailed information about the keywords you should be targeting and the potential to establish links that we previously discussed.
  • The content greatly influences the effectiveness of your website. You may learn what content you should produce with the help of AI. Also, it can assist you in identifying content gaps to fill, popular subjects, and the typical number of sections your website should have.
  • Content optimization is essential, and by using AI, you can group related subjects that users have and rank them, discover the ideal content length, and employ generic and LSI keywords more precisely.
  • Because more people are using voice-activated gadgets to search the internet, this is where AI tools can play a crucial role. By suggesting tone changes and underlining challenging areas, content solutions powered by AI can assist you in producing more conversational material.
  • As discussed earlier, it has altered the standard SEO practice by reducing the time-consuming manual effort that made it difficult for everyone to see results rapidly.
  • The user experience is the final component of SEO and measures how satisfied users are with their website interactions. It takes into account the overall experience that the page offers. By thinking more like real humans, search engines can now assess if your page provides a good user experience (UX). If they have a tailored experience there, users will spend more time on your website and be more likely to share your content, and both these factors are crucial to rank your content higher in SERPs.

Finding these chances required a lot of effort, imagination, and time. Yet you can now speed up the process by using AI.


There is no denying that if you make use of Artificial Intelligence, it will benefit you in 2023. Therefore ignorance remains the blissful state. The truth is this technology will impact your work. So you can either stop now or wait until you begin losing clients to rival companies exploiting this cutting-edge technology to gain an advantage. Feel assured that Start Digitally is a top-notch SEO company you can trust to help you on your journey and make your company sparkle like a diamond. Request a free proposal now!

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